Your Benefit from our Know-How


You can benefit from our expert level know-how in Internet Technologies through various forms, including:

Hire us as external consultant

We bring the expert level know-how that is of greatest importance to you into your organization. Should you have a peak in your workload, we relieve your internal employees by taking over load from your staff. An external consultant also brings fresh wind into your organization.

Review and development of architectures and designs

Working with equipment manufacturers, we help you to structure your protocol software components and architectures through written contributions, planning discussions, or the review of existing material.
A view from outside fertilizes your product development resulting in improved quality and lower costs.

Strategic product direction

You can leverage our wide experience within the industry when planning new products or services.


Formal or informal education classes are an excellent way to bring your development team up to speed on Internet protocols and service, or on the techniques for successfully architecting protocol software in network devices.

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