We are Early Adapter in the RIPE Atlas Project



RIPE NCC aims to build the biggest Internet measurement network ever made.

It is called the “RIPE Atlas” and produces a collection of live Internet maps with unprecedented detail. The goal is to deploy thousands of active probes primarily in the RIPE NCC service region and measure the Internet infrastructure in real time.

Ucom.ch has recently received a RIPE Atlas probe and installed it in its premises. We are happy to announce that we are an early adapter of the RIPE Atlas project. Currently, the probe runs IPv4 behind a NAT and IPv6 over a 6to4 tunnel only. Ucom.ch is desperately looking for a Software Upgrade from RIPE (static IP configuration) to facilitate installing the probe on one of its public IPv4 addresses and on native IPv6.

Please find more information on the RIPE Atlas on http://atlas.ripe.net/