Dr. SIP / Internet Telephony


Dr. SIP (Zürich), a branch of Ucom Standards Track Solutions GmbH offers
a wide range of services related to SIP / VoIP (Voice over IP) / Internet Telephony, including:

SIP Installations / 3rd Level Support / Troubleshooting

In the unlikely event of a problem related to SIP / VoIP, Dr. SIP
provides you with assistance and the in-deep expertise you
need. We analyze the problem, explain it to you and advise you
on possible solutions.
You can also task us with any implementation of your choice.
Though, we focus on Open-Source Solutions (such as Asterisk,
FreePBX, OpenSER/Kamailio, or OpenSIPS),
To ensure you will be given priority when you need us most,
Dr. SIP offers you also service contracts.


ENUM (E.164 Number to URI Mapping) combines all identifiers
(such as PSTN/ISDN, SIP, IAX, H.323, etc.) used in your VoIP
deployment, and therefore makes address handling much easier.
ENUM is the standard for Number Portability in IMS and many
other VoIP systems.
ENUM is also used outside the VoiP context, e.g. to find a
Internet Calendaring address, vCard location or Jabber-ID.
You want to benefit from ENUM? Just contact us!

Strategic product direction

You can leverage our wide experience within the SIP / VoIP
industry when planning new products or services.
To address your issues related to IETF Standardization, Dr. SIP
is your partner with over 10 years of experience in this field.

Reviewing and development of architectures and designs

Working with equipment manufacturers, Dr. SIP helps you to structure
the protocol software components and architectures, planning
discussions, or the review of existing material. You can benefit
from our hands-on expertise with Asterisk, OpenSER/Kamailio,
OpenSIPS among other products.
A view from outside fertilizes your product development
resulting in improved quality and lower costs.


Formal or informal education classes are an excellent way to
bring your development team up to speed on SIP / VoIP protocols
and services, or on the techniques for successfully architecting
protocol software in SIP / VoIP or network devices.

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