Internet Standardization (IETF)


Ucom Standards Track Solutions GmbH provides a wide range of services related to
Internet Standardization
focused on IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), including:

Advice about standards bodies and standards tracking

We transfer the relevant know-how about standardization to your enterprise.
Knowing what is happening in standardization is the key to future-proof strategic decisions in your enterprise. You minimize the risk of betting on the wrong horse. By having the information available early you gain a technical edge over your competitors, and you are better prepared for regulatory changes. Furthermore, you will know early what your competitors in other parts of the world are up to.

Your voice in standardization

We assist you to develop and promote your ideas through the standardization process to ensure that the networking community understands and adopts the technologies that are of greatest importance to you.
Actively taking part in standardization ensures that the resulting standards fit to your environment. By taking part in the early stage of the standards development your local, national or regional needs get reflected to the standards. You avoid expensive customer specific changes to standards based products.

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