Swiss Enterprise sets International Standards



The IESG has appointed the Swiss Internet Specialist Bernie Hoeneisen, founder and CEO of Ucom Standards Track Solutions GmbH, as „Designated Expert”. The IESG declares, which technical solutions are accepted as worldwide Internet-Standards. Examples for such Internet-Standards are the TCP/IP protocol suite, which defines the transmission of information in the global Internet since 1981. Or the HTTP protocol, which forms the core part of the World Wide Web since 1991.

As Designated Expert, Hoeneisen is responsible for the technical domain, where legacy telephony numbers are used in the Internet. Henceforth he will judge the quality of the proposals for Enumservice extensions. If for example in future a developer submits a proposal that describes how a Skype user can be called on Skype by dialing his existing telephone number, Hoeneisen will assess that proposal and decide whether it will be accepted or rejected.

„I am happy about the appointment to Designated Expert and the implied trust into my knowhow by the IESG.” said Hoeneisen. Besides Hoeneisen there are only few experts in the Europe who are involved with standardization of protocols at the interface between Internet and Telephony.

Background IESG / IETF:

The IESG is the leadership of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Worldwide several thousand specialists work on solutions for future applications of the Internet. 1300 of these experts (of which only a handful participants from Switzerland) meet every year during three international meetings to advance proposals and to exchange know-how about recent technical developments. Please find additional information on

Background ENUM:

Whereas legacy telephony addresses consist only of numbers, in Internet telephony letters and numbers are combined (similarly as email addresses). This leads to numerous challenges for internationally connected networks, as on certain devices (e.g. analog telephones) one can only dial numbers. Thanks to the technology ENUM also users of such end devices can be connected to Internet-telephony users. Please find additional information on

About Ucom Standard Tracks Solution GmbH:

The company seated in Zurich is specialized in future applications on the Internet. Ucom offers technical consulting for standardization of protocols in the IETF. Ucom’s core competences include not only extensions to protocols such as SIP, DNS, ENUM, IPv6, but also solutions for Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networks.

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